Full Name
Michael Loftus
Speaker Bio
Michael Loftus is a writer, commentator, and standup comedian, and regular guest on Fox News. He has
been a headlining talent nationwide for more than twenty years, has written for The George Lopez
Show and Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, and is currently a supervising producer on Kevin Can
Wait, now entering its third season. With a voice that steers center right in the political
spectrum, Loftus captures in candor and humor the views of those “fly over” states. His
podcast, The Loftus Party, dissects the worlds of politics, social media and pop culture, and showcases
his rare ability to take complex issues, distill them into simple discussion points, and bring genuine wit
and style to the proceedings. In addition to his immense writing talents, his charm and affability on stage
have placed him in the upper thresholds of live performers, and he continues to be an audience favorite
everywhere he goes.
Michael Loftus