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DVS7.0 DVS7.0
Speaker Bio
DVS 7.0 a Rapper/Spoken Word Poet/Latino American/ Christian Conservative Activist. I Consider America to be The most successful country in world history to accomplish Humanity’s everlasting pursuit of Freedom since the fall of mankind. I love my country and consider it our last Ray Hope in maintaining civility, livelihood, and peace across the globe. Our country is now at a crossroad between Freedom and Slavery with 2022 being the most essential year of our countries history to make that choice. With my music and my voice and through this tour I hope to educate the people of this country in the things that matter most, First God, Second Family and 3rd the Moral compass that guides our governing authorities. With a heart bent on God’s will and for a discerning mind to put aside personal agendas and preferences to seek the truth in our leaders and choose policy over party
DVS7.0 DVS7.0