Full Name
John Doyle
Speaker Bio
John Doyle is an American paleoconservative political commentator and internet personality. Doyle runs the Youtube series, Heck Off, Commie!, which discusses topics such as Christianity, the decline of America, preserving traditional western civilization, fighting pornography, the Nuclear Family, and the Biden junta. He also works occasionally with American Populist Union, and spoke at their American Populist Summit event in July of 2021.

Doyle is a paleoconservative. He is opposed to Atheism, Satanism, Marxism, the homosexual agenda, gender transitioning on children, transgenderism, Black Lives Matter, Pedophilia, Communism, Abortion, Pornography, the Biden junta, Hollywood values and most leftist ideologies. He supports Donald Trump, and voted for him in 2020. He grew up in Michigan, but now lives in Texas.

He was listed by Newsweek as one of the 'Young, Diverse, Conservative stars Progressives need to fear' in 2020.
John Doyle