Democracy is government of the people, by the people, for the people, where all voices should be heard - a complex technical problem in today’s world. 

 The Internet Equality Summit is an open space for you to lend your voice to the ongoing conversation through presentation, discussion, debate, or simply telling your story. Please join us - this is where change happens.

Censorship is a tricky business, especially on social media. On one hand, nobody wants to see hateful or harmful content floating around the internet. But on the other hand, censorship without a legal basis can be a slippery slope. Without clear guidelines and checks and balances, censorship can quickly become a tool for suppressing legitimate expression and stifling debate. So let's be careful about censorship on social media, and make sure that we're only censoring content that truly poses a threat to public safety or well-being, not just stuff that someone doesn't like or agree with.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is a crucial legal protection for the internet, but it's not perfect. As social media has evolved and changed over the years, the rules that govern it have struggled to keep up. Modernizing Section 230 to meet the needs of contemporary social media use could help ensure that the internet remains a safe and open forum for expression and connection. It could also help protect users from harmful or illegal content, and hold platforms accountable for moderating and removing such content. So let's work together to modernize Section 230 and make sure that it's fit for the social media age.

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