Conference Sponsor

$ 20,000

  • 2 Day Tickets
  • Registration Sponsorship
  • Lunch Sponsorship
  • Table Top spot
  • 1 session topic of your choice*
  • Logo on presentation slides
  • Logo on home, agenda, speaker and registration pages
  • Post Show Attendee List

Gold Sponsor

$ 10,000

  • 2 Day Tickets
  • Snack Sponsorship
  • 1 session topic of your choice* or Table Top
  • Logo at bottom Agenda and Speaker pages
  • Post Show Attendee List

Silver Sponsor

$ 6,000

  • 2 Day Tickets
  • Coffee Sponsorship
  • 1 session topic of your choice*
  • Logo on conference website
  • Post Show Attendee List


Above sponsorships include:

VIP Passes to the conference, allowing you to have exclusive access to all the events and activities.

Speaking slot(s) give you the opportunity to share your company's or organization's perspective and position on internet equality.

Branding and recognition in all conference materials and promotional materials, providing you visibility among key players in the internet policy space.

*Session topic subject to approval of organizer


Debate Reception  $ 10,000

Integrated into riveting philosophical engagement, all attendees will be exposed to your branding. A brilliant way to be seen, no contest!

Cocktail Reception $ 15,000

End the conference with a fun evening of meeting and mingling with fellow attendees. Have your brand top of mind throughout the reception and create lasting impression as attendees head home.

Lunch Sponsorship $ 15,000

Lunch is served. Your logo is prominently displayed while attendees take a breather, chat and network.

Snack Sponsorship $ 3,500

Attendees stay engaged and satisfied with nibbles and drinks while gaining exposure to your brand.

Coffee Sponsorship $ 3,500

Aromatic, strong and full-bodied; smooth not bitter. Your brand pairs well with coffee. Be THE name in the coffee break conversation.

Lanyards  $ 2,000

It's what everyone will need to gain access to all of our events. Be the name seen from the moment everyone begins their day until the moment they hang up their lanyards before heading to bed.

Front of Name badge $ 2,500

Be seen with your company logo on every attendee name badge. Attendee badges are required for entry into every conference function.

Back of Name badge $ 1,500

A practical spin on badge real estate. Badges don't stop the flip flop, so join the back of the badge logo revolution.